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>> Yeah but the mainstay RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type is there until the very
>> end. Also in Zeta I think that the Zeta itself lasted until the succeeding
>> series.
>The RX-79[G] wasn't exactly a one-off like previous Gundams. It was, in
>touted as a limited or "precede" mass-production type. The fact is that they
>trashed the hero's Gundam so they could give him the Ez8 "upgrade" -- and
>generate a new model -- toward the end.
>The MSZ-006 Z Gundam, while nominally the namesake of the series, wasn't
>introduced until Episode 21 -- nearly the end of the first season! Up until
>then, the only Gundam seen in the show was the RX-178 Gundam Mark II, of
>there were initially three copies, quickly whittled down to one. Z Gundam
>I think, the beginning of the "mecha upgrade" trend for the Gundam saga,
>although the notion was already in place when Z Gundam aired.
>The first use of it that I can recall was in Heavy Metal L.Gaim, where the
>L.Gaim was superceded by the L.Gaim Mark II midway through the series,
>with replacing the OP song "Time For L.Gaim" with "Say Mark Two"....
>In Gundam ZZ, the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam doesn't appear until Episode 11. Until
>then, the heroes use the Z Gundam and Gundam Mark II, supported by the
>Hyaku Shiki. Later, they establish the "Gundam Team": ZZ, Z, and Mark II.
>Gundam team action reached its ultimate conclusion with Mobile Fighter G
>where every MS was a Gundam and the show centered on a five-man Gundam Team.
>This carried over into Gundam Wing and, paring back to a three-man team,
>The three-man Gundam Team, originated in Gundam ZZ, returned in the UC
>in 08th MS Team.
Where does V-Gundam fit in? I've only seen up to about ep.20, and not
translated, but didn't they mass produce the V Gundam in that?
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