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Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:43:18 -0400

I've been wondering about something...what kit line will Bandai import to
major toy chains in order to support 0079? The old kits from the early 80s
are kind of crappy, the MGs might be too complicated for Children(Ditto with
the PGs). Also, the FG line is too short. I would bet on the HGUCs, and I
think Bandai might release a HGUC RX-78-2 so they can pass HGUC off as the
promotion. This could mean in effect turning HGUC into a mini MG to satisfy
American demand(If there is any; but generally reports from GW fans who have
watched the original are for children and the casual anime
fan, we'll see) which would sort of twist the whole original purpose of HGUC
in the first place-to present designs you won't see in MG. However, the Gouf
and GP-01 have broken these rules; the gouf became an MG and the GP-01 a
HG(With Full Bernian in line for release next month).
 So I quess Bandai will use HGUC to promote Gundam in America, along with
the 0079 MSIAs, I think. Unless of course they pull out a new kit line.
Speaking of which, has Bandai made any formal announcement on the G-savior
that Patricka Model was talking about?

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