Chris Maier (
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:29:28 -0400

Just got this one from Bradlees-just thought I'd share my opinions. This is
the first time I've drawn in panel lines to an action figure, and this
figure has a LOT of panel lines. Tons of detail. Although I don't own a Wing
Zero 1/144, from the pictures I've seen, it doesn't have as much detail as
this. It's around the detail level of the 1/100, I'd say. If this was a kit,
I suppose you'd call it a High Grade, since it really is an impovement over
the first line of Wing MSiAs in terms of detail and articulation. The only
let-down is that it doesn't transform. When this figure was announced as
part of the 'deluxe' assortment, it was stated that it would have the
ability to transform. But, it simply doesn't. Oh well.
 I saw some of the other 'deluxe' figures as well. Both look much better
than their 1/144 counterparts, especially, the Altron, which looks
incredibly fat and scrunched in it's 1/144 incarnation.

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