Burke Rukes (god_of_gundams@hotmail.com)
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:19:00 CDT

Mark writes,

> You're a moving target, Burke. :-)

Hee-hee! One 'net provider turns out bad, go to another. Then get free
web-based email, that service turns out bad, go to another. I just keep
movin' on... :)

> It was hella stressful at the time, but we'll do better next time...

Still, I envy anyone from the States who gets a chance to go. Mabye if I can
catch one of those super-cheap springtime round-trip ticket specials...

> Hm. I think you've got most of the stuff from Gather Beat - congrats on
>turning up the GM Juggler, by the way (is the illo from the new issue of
>Dengeki Hobby?).

Nope, someone emailed me pics that had some text descriptions as well as a
"< Back" at the bottom left-hand corner... I highly suspect that they're
screenshots of mecha descriptions from the game. I could be wrong though...

>The only other Gather Beat original is the mobile armor

Oops, forgot that one! The guy who sent me the Juggler also sent that one...
thanks for pointing it out. <^_^

>As for the GGF originals... Dengeki Hobby has featured full-
>scale illos for the Zanspine and Prototype Qubelely, and they say they'll
>cover the others in due course, but a recent issue of NewType magazine
>had a great GGF insert book with (small) color pics of all the original
>mobile suits. I seem to have misplaced my copy, though... rats, how am I
>gonna draw up the Gundam Aquarius now?

Yup, got some of the Dengeki Hobby issues with those, some of the pics are
usable... as for the Newtype mag insert, I've got that as well, but the pics
are just WAY too small to make them worth scanning. I'll just have to get my
hands on the books you posted about... sounds like they're gonna be my best

> >For anyone who's interested in what I'm wasting my time with right now...
> >while trying to meet a couple of deadline crunches at my work, I'm also
> >starting to develop a full-blown series guide for Heavy Metal L-Gaim...
> >will include an episode synopsis, character guide and series guide.
> Great! Definitely not enough L.Gaim material out there.

Yup, and I get questions about the series all the time. I figured I could
start off with my own L-Gaim series guide, take suggestions and pointers,
then mabye start doing the same for the Gundam and other non-Gundam shows (I
SOOOOOO wanna do a Layzner series guide...)

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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