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> Subject: [gundam] Grown-up Al?
> There was a topic going on at www.gundam.com about this pic:
> http://www.wingzero.net/archive/images/0080witp02.jpg
> While the ladies at the bottom are obviously all Chris, the one in the
> background doesn't really look like her but more like Al. Somebody assumed
> that it IS in fact Al, all grown-up(With a 'goin to Franchesca' look). Is
> this correct?

This is the cover illustration for the Mobile Suit SD Gundam: Mackenzie
Detective Office "radio drama" CD (1991, King Records, Star Child KICA 49).

The kid peering out cooly over his Wayfarers is none other than ... (drumroll)
... Hathaway Noah!

The cast of this SD Gundam radio drama includes Chris Mackenzie, Hathaway Noah,
Camille Vidan, Sara Zabiarov, Quess Paraya and two new characters, Okochama and
Occam 13. There's also a Gundam F91 somewhere in the mix. On the back cover,
not done by Mikimoto, the full cast is depicted in SD or "chan" form, with
Hathaway, sans shades, brandishing an automatic pistol.

As near as I can figure, Occam 13 is a low-rent version of Golgo 13, a hired
assassin whom Chris and her Detective Office have been hired to foil. Okochama
is a Haro-like robot that fills the role of cute robot mascot/sidekick la
Dongo in Crusher Joe and Nammo in Dirty Pair. (This entire production seems to
owe more to Dirty pair than to Gundam, but that's SD for you!)

Mark Simmons was kind enough to send me a copy of this CD, which I'd been trying
to find for five years, ever since I learned about it in the pages of Mikimoto
Illustraions. It was I who assumed that the young man was Al Izuruha, based on
his association with Chris and the title, Mackenzie Detective Agency, which gave
no hint that this was an SD parody. My guess had been that this was a sequel to
0080, probably set midway between 0080 and Z, reuniting Chris and Al.

To tell you the truth, the story that I made up based on that pciture and the
title is vastly superior to the one actual told here.


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