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> Yeah but the mainstay RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type is there until the very
> end. Also in Zeta I think that the Zeta itself lasted until the succeeding
> series.

The RX-79[G] wasn't exactly a one-off like previous Gundams. It was, in fact,
touted as a limited or "precede" mass-production type. The fact is that they
trashed the hero's Gundam so they could give him the Ez8 "upgrade" -- and
generate a new model -- toward the end.

The MSZ-006 Z Gundam, while nominally the namesake of the series, wasn't
introduced until Episode 21 -- nearly the end of the first season! Up until
then, the only Gundam seen in the show was the RX-178 Gundam Mark II, of which
there were initially three copies, quickly whittled down to one. Z Gundam was,
I think, the beginning of the "mecha upgrade" trend for the Gundam saga,
although the notion was already in place when Z Gundam aired.

The first use of it that I can recall was in Heavy Metal L.Gaim, where the
L.Gaim was superceded by the L.Gaim Mark II midway through the series, complete
with replacing the OP song "Time For L.Gaim" with "Say Mark Two"....

In Gundam ZZ, the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam doesn't appear until Episode 11. Until
then, the heroes use the Z Gundam and Gundam Mark II, supported by the MSN-00100
Hyaku Shiki. Later, they establish the "Gundam Team": ZZ, Z, and Mark II.

Gundam team action reached its ultimate conclusion with Mobile Fighter G Gundam,
where every MS was a Gundam and the show centered on a five-man Gundam Team.
This carried over into Gundam Wing and, paring back to a three-man team, Gundam

The three-man Gundam Team, originated in Gundam ZZ, returned in the UC universe
in 08th MS Team.


"Team Spirit" is not just a pun on "Teen Spirit" but the name of a military
exercise conducted annually by the Pacific Air Force (PACAF) and joint forces in
Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.

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