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> Yeah, but you'll probably need a DVD for that, since Bandai isn't
> their VHS subbed anymore.
> Also, everybody keeps talking about 08th MS team being on DVD, but what
> about a VHS release for the less fortunate(I have a DVD player, but I'm
> wandering).
> 08th MS team really looks like it was bound for DVD. In terms of detail
> animation, it's the best out of the 4 OAVs.

Maybe 'cos it's the newest. ^_~

I wonder why, aside from the format's unpopularity in the West, Bandai
hasn't released official VCDs? =) (I'd rather buy a Bandai VCD than some
pirate HK company's.) I love 'em, I can copy the MPEGs over to my laptop's
hard drive and spend most of my long train trip home from work watching
movies. (The CD spinning just kills the battery.)

Popularity probably has everything to do with it though. *sigh* Ah well.

- dom

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