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Yeah, but you'll probably need a DVD for that, since Bandai isn't releasing
their VHS subbed anymore.
 Also, everybody keeps talking about 08th MS team being on DVD, but what
about a VHS release for the less fortunate(I have a DVD player, but I'm just
 08th MS team really looks like it was bound for DVD. In terms of detail and
animation, it's the best out of the 4 OAVs.

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<< Did the Gundam series (UC Movies, 0080 and 0083) released by Anime
do well in terms of sales the States?>>

  Good question. Well, I've heard 0080 and 0083 will be released on DVD in
the U.S., so sales must be decent, since these are already on VHS.

<< Just thought that if they did, then maybe we can expect more UC subtitled
in the future. >>

  Oh, there'll be pleenty of UC stuff released in the U.S. There's going to
be DVD's of the first Gundam series and 08th MS Team released here soon, no
set date on 08th MS Team, but I think First Gundam is due sometime this
Spring. Someone please correct this info if it's wrong. Since must new anime
releases feature both the dubbed and subbed versions, I assume Gundam will
the same way.

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