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>The prototype issue I think comes from this: Since MSG, has >ONE Gundam
>series had the main mech survive any length of time? >Examples: 0083--all
>new mechs by episode 8. Wing--all new mechs for the mains >except SandRock
>and Heavyarms by ep 24. Gundam X, new GX every 10 episodes. >08th: New
>mechs practically every episode, with the EZ8 showing up in 9.

Yeah but the mainstay RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type is there until the very
end. Also in Zeta I think that the Zeta itself lasted until the succeeding

>1. It keeps the show interesting

In the case of 08th MS it was exiting to see the old mecha redone into a
more 'modern' style.

>2. Bandai certainly isn't complaining!

And most of us aren't either.

>Mark Wilson

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