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Well that was certainly an adventure ;p
Last week I picked up a bunch of Tamiya model paint because my best friends
girlfriend has been bugging me to let her paint my (awful looking) MG Alex.
Before I handed the paint off to her I painted a few scraps and weapons and
such and actually enjoyed it .... so today I hit my local hobby shop and
bought a bit more paint (forgot to buy black and grey the first time) along
with a sandy desert color I'm contemplating using on my MG GM Custom once
I'm a bit more comfortable with this painting thing. While I was there, I
noticed they had an SD G Generation F Ez8 for $11.99cdn, so I grabbed that
and decided to try my hand at painting something that wouldn't break the
Overall, it went pretty good. I made a lot of mistakes, but in the end it
turned out alright. My biggest problem was my impatience waiting for it to
dry (I'll know next time ;p) and my poor selection of brushes (fairly wide
and really thin, thats it). The Ez8 ended up in "desert" colors, so imagine
the whitish grey parts now a beigish color, and the blue parts a dark grey.
The grey went on quite nicely and looks perfectly flat (yay!) but the beige
probably needs another coat to go fully flat ... but I don't think I will.
The sort of swirly look it has now, with shades of darker paint and the
lighter plastic underneat gives it a sort of worn look that I kinda like.
So all in all, I'm definately being converted to the paint your models
crowd. Snapping it together is fun and all, but even the MG's don't look
quite right unpainted. Odds are I'll pick up at least another SD Gundam for
practice, then grab an HGUC or some old 1/144 (any comments on the old 1/144
ReGZ and Jegan kits?) and try that. Hopefully that'll give me enough
practice to do a decent job on my GM Custom (who I plan on painting in the
same beige, with a dark blue chest).
On another note, I did pick up the Wing action figure of the Tallgeese. I
already expressed my displeasure with the Wing figure from that line, but
the Tallgeese is noticable better. Leg posability is still a problem, but
the arms are much better on the TG, and the extra's are really nice. I
especially dig the beam sabres you can stash in the shield ... anyone know
if the RX-178 MSiA's will have detatchable sabre blades?

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