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Burke sez,

>Mark, I noticed you sent your email to one of my old-OLD addresses... just
>wanted to let you know. Please use the Yahoo one I've listed below, thanks!

  You're a moving target, Burke. :-)

>^_^ Hi Mark! (And everyone else). Glad to hear you're back from the trip,
>sounds like you had some good fun!

  It was hella stressful at the time, but we'll do better next time...

>Thanks for all the handy book info, I've
>been having a hard time scraping up new data and pics from G-Generation F
>and Gather Beat, as well as the wave of G-Saviour stuff that's out now.
>Looks like I'm gonna be busier than I thought while I take a
>"not-answering-any-email" break from The Mecha Domain...

  Hm. I think you've got most of the stuff from Gather Beat - congrats on
turning up the GM Juggler, by the way (is the illo from the new issue of
Dengeki Hobby?). The only other Gather Beat original is the mobile armor
Gromlin. As for the GGF originals... Dengeki Hobby has featured full-
scale illos for the Zanspine and Prototype Qubelely, and they say they'll
cover the others in due course, but a recent issue of NewType magazine
had a great GGF insert book with (small) color pics of all the original
mobile suits. I seem to have misplaced my copy, though... rats, how am I
gonna draw up the Gundam Aquarius now?

>For anyone who's interested in what I'm wasting my time with right now...
>while trying to meet a couple of deadline crunches at my work, I'm also
>starting to develop a full-blown series guide for Heavy Metal L-Gaim... this
>will include an episode synopsis, character guide and series guide.

  Great! Definitely not enough L.Gaim material out there.

-- Mark

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