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Gus Jae writes,


  My last night in Japan, the new MG kits were just being loaded onto the
shelves of the local toy store. (A couple of days early - they were due
to ship on the 15th - but I'm not complaining.) Since our luggage space
was so limited, this was the only kit I brought back with me... :-)

>How's about a review Mark?

  Sorry, full-fledged reviews aren't my forte (besides, you'll see for
yourself soon enough). But a few quick notes...

* Design: The details are very similar to the HG-UC version, though the
colors are distinctly darker (this seems authentic to the animation). The
proportions are also different - shorter calves, longer skirts, smaller
shoulders, bigger head. I must say I prefer the MG proportions. My only
beef is that its right (normal) hand seems too small... it's consistent
with earlier MG kits (the Zaku et al), but their hands have always been
too tiny, and the Gouf's huge forearms really make it noticeable.

* Construction was pretty simple. Like the RX-79[G], it has a very
complete internal frame - including the entire leg, shoulder, forearm,
top of head, chest and backpack. It's easily the frame-est Zeon mobile
suit since the Gelgoog. Also like the RX-79[G], it uses a lot of screws
for major joints, and lots of "ABS" wear-resistant plastic (as pioneered
in the Brain Powered kits). The renewed innovation of the RX-79[G], Gouf,
and Gundam v1.5 makes me wonder whether a Zaku remake might be in the
cards (though I'd rather see an HG-UC version first).

* Highly articulated - great job here. Modest waist swivel, highly
flexible legs, articulated skirts (including a clever ball-joint for the
front skirt piece, which gives you amazing leg clearance). Sweet double
ankle joint reminiscent of the Dom. Though the elbox joints are more
faithful to the design than the Zaku ones - they only rotate about one
axis - I miss the added flexibility of the Zaku's multi-directional elbow

* Instead of wear-prone fingers, it has plug-in finger blocks for the
different weapons. Still not an ideal solution IMO... couldn't they just
make the fingers out of ABS plastic, or make the hands bigger and fully
articulated a la the Dom? The new palm sockets solve most of the weapon-
holding issues anyway...

* As noted, the gun-hand fingers are movable, which allows for some great
poses. The heat rod is a 50-segment flexible doodad. The shield clips on
to the forearm along the outer side - annoying, since the elbow is one-
directional, and the shield ends up dangling from the underside of the
arm when you bend the albow. Only other weapon is a heat saber, stored in
hilt form on the inside of the shield, with a transparent plug-in blade
(good news for those who like to think of the Gouf as having a beam saber!).

* Last but not least, I'm sick of those damn conductive cable segments.
The fifty segments for the heat rod were the last straw. From now on, the
only Zakus I'm building are Old Types. :-)

-- Mark, going back to playing with the awesome HG-UC Bawoo...

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