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> Since you can choose any scenario to start the game, he chose G-Gundam
> long time fans). He thought to earn out these monster MF before clashing
> witht he UC's. When he did something suprising happened! He charged at
> Zaku Custom with a fully enraged Domon and Char parried him and stuck an
> up destroying Domon!

You can't parry with melee weapons in GGF, your friend might be referring to
the Super Robot Taisen series, particularly Super Robot Taisen 64, the only
time when Domon can fight Char in his ludriciously powerful Sazabi.

> What is this? Are there new battle systems in this game? coz if there are,

The only new system implanted is the tag team system, which allows you to
attack enemies with the aid of support fire from your team mates, in previous
versions only capital ships could give you support fire.

> then this would be the best G-Gen ever! (Aside from the new mecha)

AFAIK, there are supposed to be five new original Gundams, the OZ-14
Aquarius, GB-9700 Gundam Belfegore (sp?), DG Junior, Phoenix Gundam, and last
but not least the uber cool Zanscare minofsky drive equipped ZMT-37 Zansubain
(imagine a Zanscare made V2 Gundam with trademark Zanscare bug eyes).

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