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>Subject: [gundam] G-Generation F Complete Guide
>Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:44:34 -0700
>Hey gang - and Burke, just in case you're not on the Gundam list anymore...
> One of the best things about the G-Generation games is that they
>feature damn near every Gundam mecha and character, no matter how
>obscure. G-Generation F, the latest iteration, covers everything from G-
>UNIT to the Hathaway novels. For completists who want a gander at the
>full scope of the Gundam saga, albeit in superdeformed format, my pick of
>the GGF strategy guides would be Enterbrain's "SD Gundam G-Generation F
>Complete Guide".
> Priced at just Y1700, this 700-page doorstop includes unit lists for
>each of the game's scenarios, plus a great catalog of all the featured
>mecha - with nice, high-resolution color images against a plain
>background, rather than blurred into a black background as in all the
>other such books I came across in Japan. These are probably the best
>images you're going to find of the Virgo III, Galcezon, Messer, Zaku
>Speed, and other vanishingly obscure Gundam hardware. ISBN4-7577-0218-3;
>here's the company's info page.
> http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/kouryaku/catalog/2000/4-7577-0218-3.html
> I also picked up Sony Magazines' "SD Gundam G-Generation F Databook 2:
>MS Collection," which catalogs only the characters and mecha. The cool
>thing about this one is that it breaks them out by series, and prefaces
>each series with a chart of factions and characters - great to have if
>you want to know who fights whom in the Hathwaway novels. Y1800, ISBN4-
> Lastly, I found a nice G-Saviour game guide which devotes several pages
>to nice color pix of all the featured mobile suits, along with brief
>background info. If you want to get a good look at the Raven, J-Saviour,
>Bugu 2, Spearhead, Reid, et al, you might want to pick this up. Titled
>"G-Saviour," it's published by Keibunsha, Y950, ISBN4-7669-3642-6.
> I'm actually quite taken with the G-Saviour designs, especially the
>ornate bad guys. I'll start posting my versions on the Gundam Project soon.
>-- Mark
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