Burke Rukes (god_of_gundams@hotmail.com)
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 12:31:21 CDT

Mark writes,

>Hey gang - and Burke, just in case you're not on the Gundam list anymore...

(Now starting the "fire once for yes, fire twice for no" game...)


^_^ Hi Mark! (And everyone else). Glad to hear you're back from the trip,
sounds like you had some good fun! Thanks for all the handy book info, I've
been having a hard time scraping up new data and pics from G-Generation F
and Gather Beat, as well as the wave of G-Saviour stuff that's out now.
Looks like I'm gonna be busier than I thought while I take a
"not-answering-any-email" break from The Mecha Domain...

For anyone who's interested in what I'm wasting my time with right now...
while trying to meet a couple of deadline crunches at my work, I'm also
starting to develop a full-blown series guide for Heavy Metal L-Gaim... this
will include an episode synopsis, character guide and series guide.
Unfortunately, I'm still missing subtitled eps of #51 and #54... :( But I
think I can manage.

If I can get my hands on these books Mark's detailed, I'll see if I can get
a G-Gen-F section up on the next site update (which probably won't be for
awhile, but will be coming).

Later, everyone!

-Burke "Who's-surprised-he-found-something-of-interest-on-the-GML" Rukes

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