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>Wasn't the ZZ also refered to somewhere as the 'Iota' Gundam?
Here's the rundown of so-called 'Anaheim-made Greek-alphabet-codenamed
Gundam-type Mobile Suits' (^_^) compiled by Model Graphix editorial staffs
(so it is NOT completely official or canonical, so beware):

Gamma: RMS/MSA-099 Rick Dias. Named for the fact that its outer shell
 was made with Gundarium Gamma composite. [ZG]
Delta: MSN-00100 Hyakushiki/Type 100. The testbed for Zeta Gundam and
 famous for its legendary pilot, Char 'the Red Comet' Aznable, a.k.a.
 Quattro Bazina. [ZG]
Epsilon: Epsy Gundam (no registry given). In fact, it was the recycle
 design based on Mamoru Nagano's proposal for Zeta Gundam.
Zeta: MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. [ZG]
Eta: MSZ-007 Zeta Rapire-I. Exclusive design by Masahiro Oda.
Theta: MSZ-010 Double Zeta Gundam. [GZZ]
Iota: MSA-0011 Superior Gundam [GUNDAM SENTINEL]
Kappa: MSA-014 Sigma Gundam. No visual design given.
 (Note that it has nothing to do with Hobby Japan's exclusive mobile suit
 also named Sigma Gundam.)
Lambda: MSA-0012 Lambda Gundam. No visual design given.
Mu: RX-90 Mu Gundam. No visual design given.
Nu: RX-93 Nu Gundam. [CCA]

And here's one more Kadokawa-exclusive 'Greek Gundam'-
Xi: RX-105 Xi Gundam [Hathaway's Flash]

And about the Hobby Japan exclusive Sigma Gundam-
It made its first appearance in Hobby Japan special : Mobile Suit Gundam
ZZ - Mobile Suit In Action(1986). Designed & built by the modeler named
Yukio Ageta. It can be separated into the two independent aircrafts and
then merged into the huge fighter such as ZZ Gundam's G-Fortress mode.
And in 1999, Mr. Ageta remade his own exclusive Gundam for Hobby Japan's
Gundam Weapons : MG ZZ Gundam Special Issue, under the name of Double
Sigma Gundam! ;-) In this book, the original Sigma Gundam was given the
registry number MSK-009 (for its Karaba origin) and Double Sigma Gundam
was identified as MSA-0XX.

And as the side notes, I recently photocopied the entire booklet from
Zeta Gundam Memorial Box parts 1 & 2, and found some interesting material
therein: Tomino's original idea and series proposal for Zeta Gundam TV
series. Ironically, one of the said proposals was given the working title
'Mobile Suit ALPHA Gundam'(!)... :->

-Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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