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> How reliable is animebox?
> jeff

I can't say but my experience here in Hong Kong is that they sell lower than
the listed Yen price at HLJ. take the MG Sazabi for example, the Yen price
at HLJ is 8,000. according to Oanda (which is more accurate than XE which
HLJ uses to convert money) thats about HK$576.25 but I have seen an MG
Sazabi here for as cheap as HK$460, with most shops selling at HK$480, which
translates to 480 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) = 6,663.82 Japanese Yen (JPY).

but still beware of recasts, but I wouldn't doubt too much on their ability
to sell a lower than HLJ prices. I've heard that HLJ isn't actually cheap
when you compare it to other shops in Japan. I guess they go by the
suggested price by the manufacturers, which is usually higher than what most
shops will sell for.

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