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>that's becaue they are all HK recasts(in another word, copies of the original
>kits), and animebox rarely has most of their listed kits in stock. Two
>not to buy them 1)unethical, the original producers don't get any $. 2)
>inferior quality to the original, although in recent years this have been
>better, but I'd recommand against recasts unless you check the quality
>your self or know for a fact that the recast comes from no more than the
>first 20 kits of the recast mold.
>2 reason to buy recasts: 1) Con only kits from Jaf-Con or Wonderfest 2)Long
>out of production kits like the 1/35 RX-78 ver. ka. etc.
 Should I get any. I really want to do a couple GKs. I don't really care
about how its built, I just care about the final appearance. When you are
finished with them do they look any different from the originals?

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