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Got this from the G-savior site(Translated from Japanese-very roughly):
Sound cinema "G?SAVIOUR" Under popular broadcast!The initiative is taken in
television televising and side story all 3 talks (36 nights) of "G?SAVIOUR"
are broadcast as a radio drama in FM Osaka.Three dramatists of an old friend
are invited to an animation fan, and the episode which employed each
characteristic efficiently is written!respectively, it is the sound drama of
three weeks of 12 nights.The 1st talk (2 : [ /16?11/] 10 night [ 1 night
?12 ] : under popular broadcasting) "??? of a cuttlefish loss"

And here's some stuff from the website:

Andy who lives in agricultural area ground EDOBATO was living with visually
handicapped girl Ely, performing a vineyard.But, harvest did not go up from
the ground exhausted by repeated dispute, but the statesman at the time
promoted shift in an industrial area.Therefore, confrontation was produced
among the residents who have performed agriculture and strong young men were
developing the opposition movement to the extent that it is denounced as a
terrorist.MS for a battle (MOBIRU suit) will be sent to such young men's
origin, and Andy is chosen among many as a pilot.But he continues resisting
fighting stubbornly --[Character&Cast]Andy: Former earth parliamentary army
MS pilot.It deceives about career and is living as a farmer with Ely
now./CV: Nakamura Big tree

Disquieting air drifted and the situation which needs G SEIBA for the world
was imminent every moment.G SEIBA opportunity of No. 2 which caused the
accident in the last stage of a 11test took a pilot's life, and the
engineer in charge went away to the inside of disappointment.But however
there may be a No. 3 opportunity, it must end adjustment work of the body,
and 11it must finish sortie preparation.It was taken in to the charm of
the woman of EIPURIRU which began the search 11for an engineer, and the
person easily elated who says that it is the engineer of a former
parliamentary army, and ABUNA came.Although it was ABUNA currently regarded
as whether you are a free NAMPA man, the precision and tenacity of purpose
of work were astonishing.By his hand, adjustment work of G SEIBA is done by
being at a quick pace.
STORY]Time [ by repeated dispute, terrestrial contamination progresses and
the food crisis poses the actual problem ]. 11deep sea -- although research
was constantly repeated when Dr. RIBA who belongs to agricultural research
institution would make successful the agriculture in the deep sea which is
not yet polluted -- being certain -- it Japanese-disappears and can dress
also with the dishonor of research failureIt was just going to lose one's
life without the cooperation of the homeless at which Maurice who went to
New York University is also attacked by whether you are whom, and happened
to be in the substitute of Dr. RIBA who is father at that time.In order to
dispel father's dishonor, Maurice who smelled a certain intrigue 11asked
for contact to Dr. Cynthia who was father's acquaintance, and aimed at space
city Newman HATTAN.

Judging by this, it seems like some sort of prequel, I suppose. BTW how many
G-saviors are there anyhow?
 Also, anybody know how the game fits?....
and also anybody know what the relation to the rest of UC timeline is?

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