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On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:44:34 Mark Simmons wrote: >Hey gang - and Burke, just in case you're not on the Gundam list anymore... > > One of the best things about the G-Generation games is that they >feature damn near every Gundam mecha and character, no matter how >obscure. G-Generation F, the latest iteration, covers everything from G- >UNIT to the Hathaway novels.

I've had the game for about three months and I haven't played it (thought that it was just like the last one). I suddenly got intrigued when my friend described new features in the game. It was quite foggy, but he told me something about the battle system and it went like this:

Since you can choose any scenario to start the game, he chose G-Gundam (we're long time fans). He thought to earn out these monster MF before clashing witht he UC's. When he did something suprising happened! He charged at Char's Zaku Custom with a fully enraged Domon and Char parried him and stuck an axe up destroying Domon!

What is this? Are there new battle systems in this game? coz if there are, then this would be the best G-Gen ever! (Aside from the new mecha)


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