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Subject: RE: [gundam] Why Kou? (Zeta Game)

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> Everybody's broiling around Kou these days... Here's one:
> In the Zeta Gundam Game (3D action for the PS) There are 2 secret
> characters: Kou in GP01 Fb and Gato in GP02. For those who played
> this, ever notice that GP01 is probably the best Mech in the game?
> Its the fastest one and in this game thats all that matters.
> One more "pogi" point for Kou.
> Abet

How can you unlock the GP01 & 02 from Zeta Gundam? My friend has a copy
but he lost the 2nd disc (Quatro's Scenario). Also do you know any
shops that sells G Generation F?

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