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Aaron writes,

> has pictures of the Combattler V, a non transforming
>Raideen and a Gaiking. I did not know about the Mazinger Z and Getter One,

  Hm. I did see that version of the Combattler V in Japan, but the
packaging for the ones I found in Hong Kong is different - they're all in
square boxes like the regular MS in Action figures. The Gaiking and
Reideen figures pictured on EHobbyLand seem to be identical to the Hong
Kong versions - same joints, same proportions - but the equipment is
different. (And the HK versions have gold paint, not yellow.)

  Comparing the Japanese and HK versions of the Reideen and Gaiking, I
note the following differences in the equipment...

  Reideen: Hong Kong version comes with replacement arms and head for God
Bird mode, large shield ("God Block Big Spin"), Gogun Arrow, and
replacement head for God Bird mode ("Head Cutter"). Also a display stand.
Japanese version has two alternate hands, regular-size shield ("God
Block"), God Boomerang, replacement forearm units ("God Breaker" and
bow), and the Gogun Arrow. Total accessories in common: One, namely the
arrow (ironic, since the HK version doesn't have the bow). The Japanese
version has more weapons, the Hong Kong version can be turned into the
God Bird.

  Gaiking: Hong Kong version comes with alternate hands, Miracle Drills,
eye beams ("Powered Zaur Gazer"), alternate head, and display stand. The
Japanese version has the hands, the eye beams (differently colored,
though), a single beam ("Hydro Gazer"), and a display stand. Here, the
Hong Kong version definitely has more goodies, what with the drills and
the open-face head.

  I didn't get the Hong Kong version of the Combattler V, and EHobbyLand
doesn't list Japanese versions of the Getter One and Mazinger Z. But
based on these two examples, it seems we have the same basic figures with
completely different assortments of extra goodies. The true collector,
one assumes, would have to get both. :-)

-- Mark

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