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<< In all, I saw five figures in the series - Getter One, Brave Raideen,
 Gaiking, Combattler V, and Mazinger Z. Each has the appropriate gimmicks,
 such as all hand weapons and plug-in energy blasts (the one for Gaiking's
 eye beams is pretty awesome). Raideen transforms, too. >> has pictures of the Combattler V, a non transforming
Raideen and a Gaiking. I did not know about the Mazinger Z and Getter One,
one's. From what you say and the talk on the ToyBoxDX message board, there
must be two version's of Gaiking and Raideen. I am surprised no online stores
have them, as Image Anime has the HK GW MSiA's, so HK exclusive doesn't stop
them from being avaible to mail order stores. I would love to get a hold of
the Mazinger Z and Getter One SRiA's?

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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