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I've seen Getta One in Boston.

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Nicholas Paufler writes,

>Welcome back, Mark. We've all missed your particular insight. Do give us
>details on those Super Robot in Action toys, though =) I assume its the
>deal as the MSiA's and Dunbine in Action figs? I wonder why we haven't
>of those puppies yet...

  They might, like the Gundam Wing figures, be Hong Kong-exclusive...
maybe our HK-resident list members could clarify for us. At any rate, I
didn't see them in Japan, while they were damn near everywhere in Hong
Kong - even at the airport gift shop!

  In all, I saw five figures in the series - Getter One, Brave Raideen,
Gaiking, Combattler V, and Mazinger Z. Each has the appropriate gimmicks,
such as all hand weapons and plug-in energy blasts (the one for Gaiking's
eye beams is pretty awesome). Raideen transforms, too.

  Meanwhile, the Dunbine figure looks pretty sweet - it even has a proper
opening cockpit hatch, which the HG version lacks.

-- Mark

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