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Welcome back, Mark. We've all missed your particular insight. Do give us the
details on those Super Robot in Action toys, though =) I assume its the same
deal as the MSiA's and Dunbine in Action figs? I wonder why we haven't heard
of those puppies yet...

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> Hi there, y'all! > > Mark Simmons here, back from a two-week trip to Japan and Hong Kong (my > first ever, thank you). Got a head full of random bits and piece to share > with you... > > > First, the trip. Since my wife and I were frazzled, overworked, and > underorganized, we made a bit of a hash of the trip, so not much shopping > glory to report. > > * I did get to plunder the shelves of Shibuya's legendary Mandarake used- > comics store for the complete first year of B-CLUB magazine, and > elsewhere scammed all the latest Gundam publications (including some > sweet G-Saviour and G-Generation F guidebooks). > > * In Osaka, I battled my fellow fans to grab the last Master Grade Gouf > from a toy store's shelves. > > * And I found a really awesome toy store in Kowloon, where we stocked up > on "Super Robot in Action!!" toys - Gaiking's my favorite. Incidentally, > thanks to Core for reassuring us that these aren't actually made by > prison labor. I'm not surprised that they're made in Guandong - from what > my HK relatives tell me, the relationship between Hong Kong and the > adjoining region of mainland China sounds a lot like the U.S.'s > relationship with Mexico under NAFTA, i.e. a handy source of unskilled > labor... > > * Speaking of Hong Kong, the Gundam presence is much more obvious there. > For starters, you see hobby mags on sale at street-corner magazine > stands, which you don't in Japan. Wish I'd picked up a copy of Toybox - > if only I'd know that was the issue with the Newtype Asylum plug! > > * Shopping hero of the trip is Egan Loo (Escaflowne expert and master of > Macross), who finally tracked down a copy of the book with the complete > script to each episode of First Gundam. This will prove very handy. :-) > > > A bit of news, too. Starting today, I'm now going to be doing Gundam- > related stuff pretty much full time. Between running my site, and the > writing & contracting stuff I'm doing for other parties, I simply don't > have time to work a dot-com day job anymore (not if I want to get more > than four hours sleep a night). We'll see where this goes, but it's > likely you'll see a lot more stuff happening on the Gundam Project now. > Especially as we enter 2001, the official American Year of First Gundam... > > -- Mark > > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > Mark Simmons / / > "If you can kill it, it's not a god, just a good old-fashioned monster." > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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