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>There was a legendary swordsmith named Murasame,
>whose blades were said to be blessed or cursed,
>depending on your point of view, with actual human
>spirits. Ieyasu Tokugawa was famous for giving them
>as gifts to favored daimyo, as they were already
>ancient and highly regarded in the Edo period.
>Even the tsubo hand guards) from a Murasame sword
>are considered to be family and even national
>treasures. A Murasame sword has been attributed
>to almost every storybook samurai hero at one time
>or another. In some role-playing games, Murasame
>is used as a generic term for a magical sword, much
>as Excalibur is used in English. The sword that is
>a key talisman in The Hakkenden (Legend of the
>Eight Dogs) is called Murasame.

Aha, that's why we have the Crossbone Gundam X3 unit's huge Murasame Beam Sword/Rifle that's as big as the mobile suit itself. And yes, having 14 beam saber on a stick is really awsome looking.

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