James Gority (jagority@csrlink.net)
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:56:43 -0400

Hi All,

        I use Mars Steadler Technical Pens. They seem to work really well, I got
a pack of 4 (.01, .03, .05, .07). The .01 is great for minor shading along
surface lines (like the edge of the crest on the heads), other than that I
tend to use the .03 and the .05 for most of the work though. Of the two of
them I use the .03 for almost everything.

        I havn't used the Gundam Markers yet.

Jim G

At 12:28 PM 10/23/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I've tried a Pigma Micron Pen with out success and wanted to try either
>a Gundam Panel Line Marker or a Technical Pen for the panel lines on my
>Gundam models. Where's the best place to get them? What are the pro's
>and con's of each?

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