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If you want to use white, Nicholas, try using a base coat of white primer.
Just be careful, since some primers and plastics react badly to each other.
What I usually use is Krylon white, which you can pick up at most hardware
stores, but hobby shops should carry it, especially if they have large
stocks of gaming miniatures, these usually being Citadel or Armory.

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I'm planning on painting my MG GM Custom at some point in the near future,
but I'm having trouble deciding what color scheme to give it. The base
plastic is that odd minty green/baby blue sorta color, and it takes _many_
coats of white to go over it, so I'm not to keen on going with it as it
appeared in the animation. Nor am I sold on its current scheme, which seems
to be more or less whats supposed to be the official coloring... so any
I'm definitely considering a two tone scheme, with the chest done up in one
color and the limbs in another. Any ideas on a darker scheme that would look

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