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High Grades are either 1/144 or 1/100. When they are 1/144, they usually
feature better color molding and features than the standard 1/144, such as
translucent weapons. Examples of HG 1/144s:Original HG line, HGUC, G-unit,
Endless Waltz, 08th Ms team. For the G, Wing, Endless Waltz and X kits the
1/100s from the series are all designated High Grade. HG kits usually go
from $10-40.
 Master Grade is 1/100 scale. The kits have better detail than the high
grade and also incorporate skeletal structures in the legs and sometimes in
the arms. They generally are moderately expensive, $40-100.
 Perfect Grades are probably the most accurate potrayal of mechs there is.
They are 1/60 scale, and have more detail and decals than the MGs. They also
have fully internal skeletons and light up gimmicks.They go for $150-300.

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I have a real dum question. What is the difference bettween Master Grade,
Perfect Grade and High grade kits? Just curious



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