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> IMHO,Why is SRW alpha so damn easy?
> Unlike its predecessor (with the exception of Neo SRW) the game
> challenge was always awesome. In alpha, the Titans and Neo Zeons were
> severely toned down. I remember SRW Flash and whenever we see a map
> with Titans (or Heavy Metals) we tend to shudder and start counting
> how much money will be used to buy back busted robots. Haman and
> Scirocco were really scary back then, but in alpha, well...and the
> new bosses (Macross) just weren't scary at all.
> It just occured to me
> Abet
The only difficult part in SRWA is the addition of the experience
points for the main character which increase/decreases depending
whether you performed certain special objectives in the game like
convincing special characters, defeating a very difficult boss char and
choosing the proper answer when questioned. Rewards are given on
certain stages by giving a rare mecha either in exchange for the
default mech or an additional mech aside from the default. Certain
stages can also be unlocked by having a large amount of exp points.

-To recieve G-3 Gundam you must have at least 6exp points. However you
will not recieve the RX-78 and possibly lose the chance to obtain the

Some gundam related mechs that can be obtained are the ff:
G-3 Gundam
Char's Zaku --ploted by Judo
Zeta 2
Nu Gundam HWS
FullArmor ZZGundam

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