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> Subject: [gundam] Why Kou?
> Why do so many of you have prejudice against Kou Uraki? So what if he's
> some dumb rookie ensign with no idea of what's going on. Does he have to
> killed, maimed, hurt and injured in every post about Monty Python? By the
> some of you act, you may as well start your own Anti-Kou club.
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Because he deserves it! I bought the "clueless Ensign" bit the first
couple episodes, especially since he fought so hard against Gato. But then
he goes and helps Kelly rebuild a MA which he knows will be used against
his comrades (uh, firing squad anyone?). Then we are supposed to believe
this guy (not kid) went through puberty and still doesn't know a thing
about women? At first he seemed shy with Nina--then he was just
monumentally stoooooopid. Oh yeah, he was an unprofessional, immature brat
too many times with Monsha. Not exactly officer material in most people's

He kind of redeemed himself in the GP03.

BTW, the last episode of 0083 seemed rushed and thrown together (the colony
drop was very disappointing--it wasn't really shown!). Anyone else get
that impression?

Mark Wilson

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