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Subject: [gundam] Explaining the GM Kai/ GM(E) connection

Well, theyre not exactly the same, there are some slight differences (the
GM[E] has no antenna). The GM[E] actually looks almost like the Gundam with
a GM head. Basically though, your agument is quite right I suppose.

>>Okay, I know that the GM(E) space type from 08th MS team uses >the same
>lineart as the GM kai space types from 0083. But how do we fit >this into
>Gundam timeline? My personal theory is that since the pre->production line
>GMs-the E and G types-were more powerful the Federation couldn't
>mass-produce them very well, so they opted instead for a >cheaper version.
>However, once the war was over, the Federation had the time and >resources
>make the GM they couldn't make before-hence the Kai being based >on the
>space type.
>Any thoughts?
> Burke Rukes, if you're reading this, maybe you should make a >note of this
>in your mech profiles for both the Kai and E, like you did with >the
>Borjarnons and the Zaku.
> I suppose Katoki was too lazy to design yet another GM >variant...

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