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At 00:49 10/23/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
>Does it have a specific name? It seems to lack the shield, and also has some
>blocky thing there instead. I'm quessing this might be
>some kind of Sniper version, perhaps?

        Don't think so; Seems like a Kondo refit of the Zaku II J to carry
his MG42-style cannon. The block on the right shoulder should be some sort
of sensor to help aim the cannon.

        The cockpit T-block is very similar to the Zaku II F2 seen in 0083,
so it may be a simple refit of the existing Zaku II. My guess is this is a
field-refitted Zaku II J, and Kondo simply wanted a cool Zaku to carry the MG42.

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