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Generally, everybody seems to agree that Katoki's EW redesigns are better
than Ookawara's versions of the mechs-EXCEPT Wing Zero, mostly because of
the feather wings. Of course, some may like the industrial look of the Wing
mechs over the somewhat feminine legs of the EW Gundams...but overall I
think they look better and more functional, much less blocky. Also,
Deathscythe Hell and Altron look a lot more like the original Deathscythe
and Shenlong, instead of the horrendously blocky and fat TV series DHell and

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> >I always thought Katoki's Wing designs were really cool. I like >his
> version
> >of Wing Zero Custom a lot better then the one they ended up >using in
> >Endless Waltz.
> >~Amanda
> That was his design they used in EW, the one you must be talking about
> be the G Wing ver. Katoki which is a redesign of the wing.

    Maybe it's just me but I always liked all of Katoki's versions of the
Wing mecha more so than the ones used in the series...

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