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garrick lee wrote:

> but the superiors never let alpha, monsha, south
> burning himself or anyone else handle the gp01 after
> kou appropriated it. it all came down to who nina
> disliked less at that moment of instantaneous
> decision: rookie kou uraki or obnoxious bernard
> monsha.
> you'd think the superior officers would know better.

>Or maybe they did. After all, it was an untested prototype >that Kou was
>flying. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that if it >unexpectedly blew
>up, or something like that, then the pilot who was killed would >be a
>rookie with no combat experience instead of a difficult to >replace




I do notice that unlike modern armed forces, the EFSF prefers to use rookies
as test pilots as compared to, let's say the USAF using experienced
veterans. I also noticed that they tend to send out prototypes/test units
out into combat even to the point of having part of a whole battalion filled
with test units (08th MS). Why do you is this so?

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