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> Subject: [gundam] First Gundam Kits ever
> I recently ordered my first 3 gundam kit ever. (Gundam Mk2, Sazabi, and V
> gundam w/ff) just curious if there are any good sites for painting and
> assembling Gundam Kits

Just a note because I see this mistake all the time, apparently being
promulgated by erroneous entries in model vendor catalogs.

The MS you refer to as the "V gundam /wff" is the RX-93 Nu Gundam with Fin
Funnels. "Nu" is a Greek letter that happens to resemble a cursive, lowercase
"v" -- hence the confusion.

I only bring this up because, since 1994, there's been a real V Gundam line,
derived from the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam series. The V Gundams all have
model number beginning with LM (for "League Militaire") and are visibly smaller
than the Nu Gundam (15 meters to the Nu's 22 meters and a much slimmer and more
streamlined profile).

The Nu Gundam is from the Gundam movie Char's Counter Attack, set in UC 0093. V
Gundam is set in UC 0153, sixty years after CCA, almost an entirely different

If you order a V Gundam thinking you're going to get a Nu Gundam or vice versa,
you're going to be very disappointed indeed.


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