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On a side note, 0080 and 08th MS team also do retcons, but since the suits
are mass-produced, they're explained away as special variants. But the thing
with the EW suits, they HAVE to be the originals, since the flashback scenes
show Quatre, Trowa and Quatre taking the EW versions down to Earth( In the
case of Deathscythe HELL, the original Deathscythe is potrayed as simply the
DHELL without the bat wings. As for the Wing Gundam and Shenlong, which
aren't seen in flashbacks, it's probably safe to assume they looked like
Katoki's Hobby Japan re-designs.(Pictures of which are at the Mecha domain).
 You know, it'd be real cool if somebody could redo GW in manga form with
the retcon designs just like Kondo reworked some of the classics for his
adaptation of the classic Gundam. GW's manga, for lack of a better word,

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No, no, no =)
Remember as someone already pointed out on the GML, "Custom" is a suffix
Bandai applies to model kits only. So you've got the Wing Zero Custom, the
Deathcythe Hell Custom, etc from Wing, the Daughtress Custom from X, and
many others.
You'll never hear a character refer to a mobile suit as the "Wing Zero
Custom", its just the Wing Zero. The designs in Endless Waltz are RetCon's
(retroactive continuity). In other words, they _always_ looked like that. As
far as EW is concerned, all of Gundam Wing TV occurred with a feathery Wing
Zero, and all of the other design changes. It's just the way it is =)
As for the model kits, Bandai tacked the "Custom" label on them to
differentiate the obviously different designs, even though as far as the
show is concerned they're the same mobile suit. Confused yet? Good. ;p
On a more personal note, it's awfully rude to insult someone like that. We
should all try to be at the very least civil to one another. If you feel
someone made a mistake, let them know, but try and do it politely...

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> > > Uh, the Wing Zero Custom IS the one they used in Endless Waltz... > > > > > > Jason > > Excuse me, you obviously haven't seen his design for it yet. It didn't have > those stupid feather wings. Why don't you think before you talk. They > changed his design for Endless Waltz. > > ~Amanda > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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