Sun, 22 Oct 2000 20:53:19 EDT

So I was watching MSG the movie II the other day and I noticed something
that's been sticking in my head and cracking me up to no end.
During Ramba Ral's ship boarding action- very poor muzzle discipline. At one
point, when Ral takes cover in a door frame and sends some rounds downrange,
one of his soldiers starts a stack behind him. Not only does this soldier's
muzzle sweep Ral's head, but he shoots Ral in the back of the head.
Apparently, Ral had an outstanding helmet.
This cracked me up.
Following up on this, I checked Heero and Duo's assault on the colony control
room in Endless Waltz. Much better muzzle discipline there, I'm happy to
say. In 0080, it's not so much an issue of muzzle discipline, but at least
there is an attempt to provide suppresive fire when Garcia tries to destroy
the Alex.
I was going to check Zeta, but can't remember which episode involves the ship
boarding/hijacking incident.

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