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Can't confirm the rumor of discontinuation, but I highly doubt it. No reason
for Bandai to do something like that.
As for the Alex, I'm one of the few who were less than thrilled with it.
Suffers from a horrible knee joint and plastic thats blatantly the wrong
color. If you plan on painting it you should be fine, but if you just want
to snap it together you may be less than thrilled (I know I was). The white
is far too shiny (look at the MG RX-79[G] for a nice dirty white color) and
the blue is much too dark, and also much too shiney.
For a first MG my vote would have to go to the RX-79[G], because it hands
down looks the best unpainted (from those I've seen, anyway) and its quality
of design is quite high.

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