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On Fri, 20 Oct 2000 09:04:21 Joseph Riggs wrote: >garrick lee wrote: > >> but the superiors never let alpha, monsha, south >> burning himself or anyone else handle the gp01 after >> kou appropriated it. it all came down to who nina >> disliked less at that moment of instantaneous >> decision: rookie kou uraki or obnoxious bernard >> monsha. >> >> you'd think the superior officers would know better. > >Or maybe they did. After all, it was an untested prototype that Kou was >flying. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that if it unexpectedly blew >up, or something like that, then the pilot who was killed would be a >rookie with no combat experience instead of a difficult to replace >veteran? > >heehee > >-jk- > >junior

Or maybe... just maybe Kou was better thatn any of the other pilots. He did bust Monsha in their mock battle (though Monsha was using a GM against the GP01)

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