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hehe...some of the words are slightly different, but nevertheless makes a
Python fan proud.

>Bright: I am Bright the Enchanter!
>::Bright blows up stuff.::
>Amuro: Well.... Nice to meet you, Bright..
>Kou: Shall we get going?
>Kai: Yes, we shall.
>::They move on, clapping rocks together, claiming them to be the sound of
>mobile suit gunfire, to ward off enemies.::
>Bright: There is a ferocious creature here, big, ugly, shiny, guns, big
>pointy teeth! IT'S HORRIBLE!! RIGHT THERE!!!
>Amuro: Behind that plush Zakurello?
>Kou: You twit, you made me soil my armor!
>Amuro: We shall charge. Kou, go change your armor.
>::They charge, and many fall dead to the vicious plush Zakurello.::
>::They do so.::
>Amuro: What are our losses?
>Kai: Mainly grunts and Kou.
>Amuro: We need.. The Holy Colony of La Vie En Rose!
>Brother Domon: And so they feasted on grains, and bread, and cereal, and
>yogurt, and ham, and many foods. With this Colony, count to five, and press
>the button. Only count to five starting from one, and not backwards, nor in
>any other order, but that....
>Amuro: Yes, yes, we get it. One, Two, Three, Lalah!
>Kai: Four, sir, four.
>Amuro. Yes. One, Two, three, four, FIVE!
>::The Colony of La Vie En Rose is dropped on the plush Zakurello, and there
>was much rejoicing in the land.
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