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Wow, limp Bizkit and Gundam... hmm...

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Welcome to the 17th installment of Gundam Plus's weekly newsletter!

Member Count (when sent): 2400 sent me some really interesting news about Limp Bizkit
and Gundam, check it out.

"I went to the limp bizkit concert last night in New Jersey and
there stage set was phat. On the sides they had two giants models of the
MS-079 from Gundam and the Shining Gundam from Gudnam 0083. It was from
the chest upto the head. The 2 chest plates opened up to
reveal DJ Lethal turntables and John Otto drums. Then in the middle its
chest piece opened up and Fred, Sam, And Wes came out. I took some pics so
when i get them developed and scanned i will send them to u."

I have discovered Gundam Wing trading cards in the English language. I
found them at Babbage's for $2.00 a pack. I also scanned a few of them in
(pack included). If you'd like to see it, go to

We have these cards in our card store for the same price. Go to the card
store at

Have a great weekend. Sorry for the late letter, I've been busy these

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