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>need opinions on the zaku master grades...the zaku II
>design is growing on me (but i still love gm's best

do you need surgery to remove the growth? here, allow me.


>i've narrowed down the choices to johnny ridden's zaku
>(just coz of the leg armor), and the black trinary
>zaku (just coz of the accessories). any info and
>opinions on these two kits are very much welcome.
>and if anyone can spare a word or two about the other
>zakus (shin matsunaga, char's zaku, and the ordinary
>green zaku), i'd appreciate it much.

a lot of the differences between the kits come from the legs, the weapons
and the small details of the arms and the backpacks. the head and the
chest to lower thigh area are pretty much the same.

all of them seem to come with the three following: machine gun, bazooka,
heat hawk.

Here's the other stuff.

Green Zaku is the only one with the cracker grenades, the 0080 style
machine gun, the leg missile launchers. legs are the old calf-style.

Char's is essentially the same as the green zaku, but in red (duh), and
has sturmfausts and the Magella Tank gun. Legs are almost the same as the

Shin is BAD. minimal weapons, in white, and the weird shielded booster legs.

Johnny Ridden is a red version of the Shin. slightly better.

Black Trinary has a special bazooka.


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