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After many years of "sole" searching, here is what I've come up with.

1. You don't. Work one foot at a time, and grind the bottom flat as a
board. Using the other foot as a template, cut strips of styrene to
rebuild the detail. This worked well for the Gundam Wing HG feet, which
don't tend to have a lot of recesses

2. For feet where this isn't practical, spend some dough on Milliput. I
prefer Milliput to all the other 2-part putties because of the work time,
and because you can shape, smooth and clean it up with water while its
workable. Squadron green putty, and any other solvent putty is hard to
work with here since they all shrink Leaving the crack you want filled, and
are hard to control. Also get a decent set of files--you need files here
because you want a rigid surface to keep the edges of all that detail you
are trying to save. For really small cracks, use white out. I like Bic
brand best.

3. Go a LITTLE heavy with the glue when you build the part (practice
first!). When you push the foot halves together, the glue will melt some
of the surrounding styrene and squish out along the seem, giving you a
natural filler. Don't squish-squish the halves--once you press them tight,
hold them there with a clamp or something (repeatedly squishing the halves
will introduce air bubbles). after a couple DAYS, remove the raised
glue/plastic ridge carefully with a razor knife.

You may find you need to remove the snap-together pegs for the foot to
align better (with glue you don't need them). If you do cut off the pegs,
you can also sand the mating surface of the foot halves for a better join.
Do this by laying sandpaper flat on a hard surface and lightly passing the
mating side of the foot half over it. DO NOT do this by holding the foot
in one hand and sandpaper in the other--you are sure to make it uneven with
uneven finger pressure.

BTW, you are only really getting rid of the seem with glue and putty--if
you are a quick snapper, it ain't gonna happen!

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> Hi, its me again! How do you leave a smooth finish and no seem on the feet
> of Gundam models who have a track or little ridges on their soles, while
> preserving those ridges?
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