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It's the same as Tenchu Muyo, which has it's share of alternate universes.

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> People said that about Macross II before it was
> banned from the continuinty
> if I remembered correctly...

yeah, but you can't ban gundam wing from it's own
timeline. :) and since gundam wing is proudly
alternate timeline in the first place, what would
banning it from the UC timeline do, besides stroking
the insecure egos of the legions of ranting wing

people get too huffy about what is and what isn't
gundam (or insert favorite rave show) for their own

i'm probably as die-hard a macross fan as many here
are UC gundam fans. i didn't like mac2 all that
much, but i don't bitch about macross 2 being a
rip-off. i think the guitar-piloting in mac7 is all
screwy, but i don't whine about macross 7 destroying
the top-gun image of macross like many self-proclaimed
purist bastards (how i hate people like those) are
wont to. it's just too...pathetic to do so.

i've had enough of "that's not what gundam (or insert
favorite rave show) is supposed to be!" to last me an
eternity of suffering. i doth think people bash
alternate timeline gundams too much. gee, i wonder
at any rate, i think macross 2 music blends in quite
well with macross 7 music. macross plus music was
just another monstrosity entirely, and i don't care if
it's yoko kano composition.


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