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> >I was thinking that Four might've been named Four BECAUSE she was destined to
> >die -- a bit of wordplay based on the Japanese correlation between one of
> >several words for the number four ("shi") and the word for death ("shi").
> >Repositioning Lalah as the fourth of the Original Four reinforces this
> >suggestion.
> What about Four's last name? It might have something to do with it as well.
> I had forgotten aboutbthe signficance of four in oriental cultures.
> Interesting.

Murasame is simply the name of the organization, similar to the Flanagan Agency,
that developed the "artificially strengthened people" or "bio soldiers" of whom
Four was fourth. These artificial Newtypes were produced by wiping the memories
of war orphans and other people who wouldn't be missed and imprinting them with
the persona of an actual Newtype. In one of the Gundam computer games, there's
a Zero Murasame, who must be the prototype for all of the others. Because the
overlaid personality degrades without continuous reinforcement, like a Pavlovian
conditioned reflex, the original personality resurfaces in varying degrees from
time to time, with unpredictable results.

The Murasame Psychic Research Institute also developed the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam
and MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark II transformable mobile armors seen in the Z
Gundam anime and the MRX-007 Psyco Gundam Prototype and MRX-011 Mass Production
Psyco Gundam seen in Kunio Ohkawara's MS Collection. (The Psyco Gundam Mark III
seen in the Gundam the Battle Master 2 computer game has no model number, so it
can't be positively identified, but it would seem to be of the same ilk. The
MOX-012 Psyco Gundam Mark IV seen in the O Gundam side story would seem to be a
Murasame product, but in an alternate universe scenario with no relationship to
the UC Gundam world.)

In her dossier, seen briefly when Camille Vidan infiltrates the Titan base at
Mount Kilimanjaro, Four is identified as "MRX-004" -- chilling insight into how
Murasame and company viewed her in terms of human rights or civil rights.

Murasame's main competitor was the Augusta Newtype Laboratory, headquartered at
or near the Augusta NY Federation military base. Due to a peculiarity of the
Japanese phonetic system, their products has the prefix ORX, ("O" for
"Oh-gu-su-ta") and included the ORX-005 Gaplant seen in the Z Gundam anime, the
ORX-005EX Sturm Jaeger seen in Kazuhisa Kondoh's Revival Of Zeon manga, the
ORX-012 Gundam Mark IV seen in the SD Gundam G Generation Zero computer game,
the ORX-013 Gundam Mark V seen in the Gundam Sentinel side story, and the
ORX-013 G-V seen in the Model Graphix Magazine.

There was a third line of Newtype mobile suits seen exclusively in the Z Gundam
anime, but these seem to have come from nameless Titan-backed R&D effort. These
were the NRX-044 Asshimar and the NRX-055 Bound Doc. As we can see from the
ill-fated pilot of the Bound Doc, there was an artificial Newtype development
program in conjunction with this effort, too.


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