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Sat, 21 Oct 2000 13:12:33 -0400

> In 0080, while in a conversation with a Federation officer, Bernie lets
> that he came from Sydney, Australia. Of course this screws up the whole
> operation, but only because the officer realizes that it's summer in
> Is it just me, or would the fact that the city was Ground Zero for a
> drop clue the Federation officer off more? Or was "Summer in Sydney"
> a reference to the fact that Sydney was probably still getting radioactive
> fall-out from the colony drop?
    I believe he meant that he was from Sydney originally, that is before
the infmaous colony drop took place. The colony wasn't dropped until 0079.
Bernie would have been old enough to have moved away by then.
    But all that aside I believe that he just made up a quick lie to appease
the Fed officer.

-Ryan Freeman-

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