Sir Loin of Beef (
Sat, 21 Oct 2000 22:42:48 +0800

>Dude, very sweet. I just uploaded these images to the server again.
>Someone had asked before and I can't think of whom.
>I am waiting to do it to the MG along with that Ground Sazabi... Some

Thanks for all those. The Gouf in revival of Zeon is a little different,
with a different backpack and shoulder spikes. I love the internal detail on
this guy though.

>Great start. I might have some pics of Kondo's Gouf on my home computer,
>I'll check later tonight. How did you get the skirt to extend down so far
>in front? Did you just keep layering putty on top of putty or did you use
>a plastic frame and layered the putty over that?

It's entirely milliput. I thought of taking a casting after it was finished
to get a piece that's structurally sound, but resin is quite hard to find here.

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