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> >One interesting aspect of all this is the recurrence of the number four, with
> >Lalah Sung now seemingly the fourth -- if I had to guess at the order, I'd
> >Shalia Bull, Cuzco Al, Cranvul Carleah and Lalah Sung, in descending order of
> >apparent chronological age. This would make Lalah "Flanagan #4" -- an
> >of Four Murasame ("Murasame #4") in Z Gundam.
> Would she have been Four if she hadn't died? I wonder...

I was thinking that Four might've been named Four BECAUSE she was destined to
die -- a bit of wordplay based on the Japanese correlation between one of
several words for the number four ("shi") and the word for death ("shi").
Repositioning Lalah as the fourth of the Original Four reinforces this


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