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> Since Izubuchi designed nearly everything in 0080, (from MS, to
> uniforms)--can we point to him as the one responsible for Nazifying
> the Zeon? He also worked on 0080's predecessor, CCA where I detect
> some WWII german influences creeping in, like in the Gera Doga's
> helmet shape.

Hmmm. Izubuchi was also a heavy contributor to the MS Era book, which was a
pseudo-documentary of the One Year War done in the style of the Time-Life
retrospectives of WW2. There were lots of scenes of Zeon occupation with the
Nazified Zeon banner, lots of battle weary troop shots, etc.

But while Izubuchi contributed much of the new look of both the Zeon and the
Federation, I don't think he can be singled out as the author of the
sociopolitical retcon of Gundam 0080/0083. It was obviously a conscious and
concerted effort to make Gundam more "realistic" by increasing the detailing and
making RL correlations -- Zeon's carrying Walther automatics, Federations
carrying Colts, the restyling of the MS beam and projectile guns to resemble FN
submachineguns, etc.

The fact that they're still doing this sort of thing in 08th MS Team would seem
to indicate that the retcon has taken root and become an integral part of the


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